Why Skin Camouflage?
Living with a visible difference can make one feel less confident. When one doesn’t self-esteem, she or he often stops doing the things they are interested in. Skin camouflage service gives people a choice over their appearance. This builds confidence so that people feel empowered to lead the lives. Skin camouflage is the only solution for the discoloration of stretch marks and scars. The treatment brings extremely good results through the usage of a digital pmu machine and particular matching of pigment to the client’s skin tone.

What is Skin Camouglage?
Skin camouflage, also known as skin color tattooing or camouflage tattooing, is a needle and pigment method that uses semi permanent pigments to blend scars into the surrounding natural skin. It enhances the look of scars, stretch marks, and other regions afflicted by hypopigmentation.

How much is Skin Camouflage Serivce?
-----A service that increases your revenue.
Belly $500~1300
Side Glute $800~1200
Scars $300~500
Price varies for different countries and areas.

What is the principle of Skin Camouflage Technique?
The principle for skin camouflage technique, is to introduce a light dispersion of flesh tone color to camouflage the treated area with the needle across the surface of the skin. The treated area blends with natural skin tone, making the problem area less noticeable.

What is the tools and details?
Tools: YD Blink Wireless Machine
Needles: 3RS for small areas. 5RM for medium areas. 13RM for large areas like full belly.
Angled: It should be at a 45-degree angle to the skin surface. The color touches the skin surface more and is easier to smudge.
Depth: 0.2~0.5mm. After test, slight redness and swelling, no bleeding, indicating that the depth is suitable
Shading method: Oval circle or push straight

What is the pigments and details?
Pigments: Flesh tone-20 colors, available for skin types.
Color Match:
1.Skin tone is a good start to finding your ideal camouflage match. 
Fair skin tone-- Light skin tone--medium skin tone-deep skin tone. Skin tone indicates the main hue, the lightness or darkness of your skin.
2.Undertone is the colour that radiates your skin from underneath the surface. It is what gives skin shades of pink (cool undertone) or golden (warm undertone) accents. It could also be somewhere in the middle, which means one has a neutral undertone.
3.After the definition of skin tone and undertone, you may choose similar colors close to the clients’ skin. But sometimes you can not find the exact color in the set, you need mix it according to unique skins.

Six Steps of Skin Camouflage Tattoo Procedure
1.Clean the area. No oil or dust on the treated areas, you can use the PMU foam cleanser.
2.Prepare the right camouflage color same as that beside the scar or stretch marks for the best result. Give one drop of deluent into the pigment.
3.Prepare the permanent makeup machine tool and needles, 3RM, 5RM or 13RM. Adjust the needle length to 0.2~0.5mm. Very short needle.
4.Stretch the skin lightly. Introduce the pigments into treated areas by 45 degrees to the skin side. After small area test, wait 2~3 mins. Slight redness and swelling, no bleeding, indicating that the depth is suitable.
5.Do oval circle or put straight shading on the treated areas. No more than 1 pass. Use the wet cotton pad to press the colors. Don’t wipe it. Just keep some colors on.
6.Apply YD repair microbeads serum on the area. Put the protective film on the skin to avoid water and dust. It will help the color penetrate better.

1.How long will skin camouflage tattoo take?
Each treatment session will take about 1 hour. And multiple sessions are required.
2.How long will camouflage last?
2~3 years. A new session should be taken to cover.
3.What is healing phrase?
It’s important to keep sun exposure to a minimum once your scar has been camouflaged. Apply the repair serum during the following 30 days. 2 times/day.
4.Will it hurt?
No. You don’t need the anethetics to numb the skin. A little scratch feeling is normal.
5.How effective is stretch mark camouflage?
30-60% improvement can be seen in just ONE SESSION, but we recommend from 2 to 4 treatments for the best results.
6.Is it use for viltigo?
Not recommended.
7.What is the depth of needle into skin?
0.2~0.5mm. As the treatment has no numbing, it should be as short as almost invisible.
8.Will it bleed?
Before we do large area work, we will do a test. How does the test work? Work a small area, and check whether it has little reddness and swelling. The needle depth and hand strength is suitable.